Human Maps – by Andrew Hook

After Me Comes The Flood – Sarah Perry

A Different City – Tanith Lee

Omensetter’s Luck by William H. Gass

Dead Letters edited by Conrad Williams

The Tunnel – William H. Gass

ootHaNgbart – Rebecca Lloyd

Dark Gods – T.E.D. Klein

The Essex Serpent – Sarah Perry

Black Static #56

Interzone #268

A Pilgrim Stranger – Mark Samuels

The Secret of Ventriloquism by Jon Padgett

Holidays From Hell by Reggie Oliver

The Seashell Contract by Rhys Hughes

Cartesian Sonata by William H. Gass

Gestalt Real-Time Reviews Vol. 36

UBO by Steve Rasnic Tem

Green and Pleasant Land – Great British Horror 1

Mirrors in the Deluge by Rhys Hughes

A Vampire of the Soul by Anne-Sylvie Salzman and William Charlton

The Memoirist by Neil Williamson

CLARK by Brendan Connell

MIST & other ghost stories by Richmal Crompton

Singularity and Other Stories by Melanie Tem

Hieroglyphs of Blood & Bone by Michael Griffin

Orthogonal: Criminal Variations

An Ideal Retreat by Michael Griffin

Black Static 57 / Interzone 269

Absent Company by Steve Rasnic Tem

Among the Living by Steve Rasnic Tem

Black Feathers – edited by Ellen Datlow

as blank as the days yet to be by Mark Valentine

Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #59


Visit of a Ghost by John Howard

Selected Poems of Fiona Pitt-Kethley

NUMBER 11 or Tales that Witness Madness by Jonathan Coe

You Will Grow Into Them by Malcolm Devlin


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