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  1. I recently (oh so late to the party) (and thanks to being shown his review of Nightscript 3) have been introduced to author Des Lewis’s real time reviews. Exploring his site is a rabbit hole of good things.

    The gestalt real-time review is a really wonderful thing. I highly recommend giving his site a look.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of his reviews and his work.

    — Daniel Braum

  2. Very kind of you, Des. I am delighted but unsurprised that you understood and appreciated this profane tale top to bottom. I knew that you (if anyone) would.
    – Jon Padgett, about the Infinite Error review.

  3. Brian Lavelle about my reviews in general: “Drive-by reviewing that often picks out in the trees at the edge of the field groups of shadowy figures, the ruins of citadels, fissures in space/time, and of course libraries crammed full of oneiric books—all of which the farmer who owns the land never knew existed in the first place.”

  4. “The greatest film reviewer of all time was Cabrera Infante. The best music reviewer of all time was Amiri Baraka. And now it is possible to state that Des Lewis is the best fiction reviewer of all time. He has crossed the threshold and achieved the distinction!“
    – RHYS HUGHES today on his FB,

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