Part Nine of the CONTROVERSIES thread which continues from Part One HERE and Part Two HERE and Part Three HERE and Part Four HERE and Part Five HERE and Part Six HERE and Part Seven HERE and Part Eight HERE.

Further discussion will hopefully be made in the comment stream below. Everyone is welcome to contribute on any aspect of book reviewing controversies and related matters in the hope that we may be able to cauterise them.

15 thoughts on “*

  1. There are too many non-literary controversies for linking. But think about Brexit imploding, sexual abuse scandals bedevilling all manner of walks of life, May’s cabinet crumbling, Trump ‘not calling’ the NK leader “short and fat”, Boris in free fall, and much else.

  2. From http://stjoshi.org/news.html on 22 Nov 2017 (Kennedy assassination anniversary):
    “Meanwhile, the antics of my enemies continue to provide rich amusement. Their staggering inferiority to me, in intellect and achievements, is becoming more and more apparent with each passing day; but what is now becoming increasingly obvious is that they are really not very nice people.”

    • I have now been shown a video of a public convention performance by an individual that seems to justify STJ’s: “and, like our Twitter-obsessed “president,” they lash out hysterically at their opponents with abuse and insults, in the grotesque belief that such puerile taunts could actually wound their enemies instead of merely provoking derisive laughter at their own expense.”

    • “Because of all the cruel and vindictive attacks on me of late, which have truly hurt my feelings (*sniff sniff*), I am giving up all literary work for the foreseeable future.”
      — from STJ’s blog 27.11.17

      Unless this is a joke, it’s a damned shame that someone not brought up all his life with the cut and thrust of a cyber-world’s potential misunderstanding and battle is inveigled into such a self-destructive stance as this possible posture or deep sincerity.

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