The Big-Headed People & Other Stories

Wound of Wounds

The White Road by Ron Weighell

Shiloh by Philip Fracassi

Strange Is The Night by SP Miskowski

The Scarlet Soul edited by Mark Valentine

The Demons of King Solomon

How I Learned The Truth About Krampus by Tom Johnstone

The Drone Outside by Kristine Ong Muslim

Cry Your Way Home by Damien Angelica Walters

The Prozess Manifestations by Mark Samuels

She Sleeps by R.B. Russell

Sacculina by Philip Fracassi

Behold The Void by Philip Fracassi

Test Patterns

The Stay-Awake Men by Matthew M. Bartlett

Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #61

Fragile Dreams by Philip Fracassi

The Egotist by Philip Fracassi

Psammomancy by Mark Valentine & Brian Lavelle

Best British Short Stories 2017

The Ammonite Violin & Others by Caitlín R. Kiernan

Great British Horror 2: Dark Satanic Mills

Best British Short Stories 2011

The Uncertainty Of All Earthly Things by Mark Valentine

I Wish I Was Like You by S.P. Miskowski

Death Makes Strangers Of Us All by R.B. Russell

Black Static #62 / Interzone #274

Touching Distances by Anne Cluysenaar

Best British Short Stories 2012

Of Doomful Portent: Matthew M. Bartlett

A Spy In The Panopticon / The Notary & Other Stories by Damian Murphy

All The Fabulous Beasts by Priya Sharma

Best British Short Stories 2013

Murmurations: Edited by Nicholas Royle

The Good Terrorist by Doris Lessing

VASTARIEN: A Literary Journal

Tree Spirit by Michael Eisele

Welcome to Sugarville by J.J. Haas

Best British Short Stories 2014

The Chameleon by Samuel Fisher

The Parry and the Lunge by David Mathew


How Many Times? by Rhys Hughes

Resonance & Revolt by Rosanne Rabinowitz

Supernatural Tales 37


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