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  1. Douglas Thompson today –

    “Des Lewis has just finished realtime-reviewing my collection The Fallen West, and what a perceptive and sympathetic reader and critic he is. The way I feel reminds me of the closing paragraph of The Circular Ruins by Borges in which the narrator realises he cannot be destroyed by flames because “another man is dreaming him…”

  2. i love this review! and this book! i’m so glad you two encountered one another. (kerry’s first book, the black country, is also completely brilliant. and des’ recent collection, the big-headed people, is amazing.)
    what an absolute privilege to read the book and then ‘read’ it again through someone else’s perceptions and responses. it’s amazing as a writer to be read that way, but as a fellow reader it’s also a unique and valuable thing.

    —-Georgina Bruce HERE

  3. This Des Lewis review must be the best a writer can receive. 1) It is generous well-beyond my personal capacity for generosity, complete with comparisons to Proust. But 2) It finds codes and complexities in the book that I had not been aware of myself, proving Bad Donald Barthelme was right when he spilled the beans and admitted that an author “is a sort of lightning rod for an accumulation of atmospheric disturbances, a St. Sebastian absorbing in his tattered breast the arrows of the Zeitgeist.” Who knew that’s what my tattered breast had been absorbing all these difficult years, the Zeitgeist. [Scroll Down for the Real Time Review]
    — Mike Sauve on Facebook today,

  4. Des, after publishing a millenium’s worth of surrealistic short stories, has reconfigured the way we interact with fiction, first through his editorship of Nemonymous and most recently through his gestalt real-time book reviews. I’m sure, by now, that the weight of words he has committed to reviewing the field would be enough to sink heaven or raise hell, should anyone be foolish enough to corral their energies and attempt that task.
    — Eric Schaller

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