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“fine and dark tracery of limitless patterns”
— from VASTARIEN by Ligotti

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  1. HERE, Karen Heuler says this on her Friends FB:
    “I’ve never had anyone review my collection story by story before, so this is both surprising and–because of the many wonderful thoughts and reactions–it’s making me very happy indeed.”

  2. There’s nothing like a Des Lewis review of your writings, and I mean that in all the best ways possible–he somehow avoids spoilers but still take a deep bite out of the heart of the story, exposing it still alive and beating and raring for more.
    — Eric Schaller

  3. “Des Lewis does a great service for horror/weird fiction readers as he compiles his “real time reviews” on his blog. He’s been reviewing each story in Echoes since the anthology came out. His reviews-gracious, beautifully thought out, and written are less spoilery than you’d think.”
    — Ellen Datlow (29.9.19)

  4. RH: Well, Des, I regard you as one of the best book reviewers of all time, and frankly I don’t believe that anyone even need bother to try to compete with you on that

    Me: thanks so much Rhys. It’s a synergy I hope between between me and each author, often with miraculous (literally) results.

    RH: The overall project is truly extraordinary

    From towards the end of one of the FB threads here: https://www.facebook.com/rhysaurus/posts/10162343759770246

  5. Author Des Lewis’s reviews do not easily lend themselves to sound bites. They are just not that kind of review. He raises reviewing to his own unique art form with his “real time” reviews that often put the story he is thinking about in the context of the book, other stories by the author, and other books on his mind. They are always fun and thought provoking.

    If you haven’t yet come across them they are fun to check out.

    Hes reading Pareidolia and Nox Pareidolia at the moment.

    Including my short story How to Stay Afloat When Drowning

    “Going back and forth in time this is a complex story that really works…”

    “Liking this story is akin to chumming a shark, negotiating the whirlpools in the pareidoliac patterns of semantic estuary.”

    and Rum Punch is Going Down

    “Now a trope becomes tropical” “But as in all Platonic caves we only know the shadows we think we know…”

    The pareidolic caves are mentioned again in another review.

    Enjoy his reviews and the books he is talking about if you are so inclined. Happy Tuesday.


    — Daniel Braum today

  6. Reviews do matter. Someone who has never read my work has just bought six books from me direct and is sourcing other titles from the publishers after having read reviews of my stories written by Des Lewis and then getting in touch. Flabbergasted!
    — Andrew Hook

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