A New Kind of White


Below are two short quotes from my latest real-time review – a review that turned out to be an interaction with those who came alive for me from inside the covers of the two books with the overall title of VALIANT RAZALIA as written by Michael Wyndham Thomas (‘The Mercury Annual’ (2009) and ‘Pilgrims at the White Horizon’ (2013) published by Theaker’s).

‘Also, yesterday, on the strength of these two books, I placed Michael Wyndham Thomas on my on-line list of all time favourite fiction writers.’

‘Apocalyptic […] or simply my childhood’s Saturday Morning Pictures come alive on Sunday?’

This particular review marks completion of Volume Twelve of the hard-copy book versions of my real-time reviews as well as exactly five years of doing them. They have been fulfilling for me; I hope they have been at least fair on the readers, writers and publishers, too.

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