Elvis and Escobada in the Lethal Chambers

puppets2Two excerpts from my review here of A SEASON IN CARCOSA and GRIMSCRIBE’S PUPPETS:


Joe Pulver October 16, 2014 at 10:34 am

So glad you enjoyed it, Des. Always hoped when you came upon it, you wouldn’t want me dead. Also, always thought if any writer I admire was Carcosan through and through, it was you, so I had to drop you into one of my tales.

           nullimmortalis October 17, 2014 at 7:53 am

  • Thanks so much, Joe. Interesting to note, Elvis, in that quote from KEW, is another figure often called ‘the King’.


    nullimmortalis October 17, 2014 at 9:29 am

    Movie Night at Phil’s by Don Webb
    As well as tellingly significant to this review inasmuch as transgressive films are seen to be adding to a father-son symbiosis or bonding, this accretively believable tale of Roger Corman films, the last one of which is, of course, his Blish-based film entitled ‘The King in Yellow’, reminds me of the legendary, and also accretively believable, story about films entitled The Vanishing Life and Films of Emmanuel Escobada that was published in 2002 and remains anonymously written until this very day, although Joel Lane (as well as myself) knew who wrote it, as Joel acknowledged with reference to its influence, as stated in one of his novella books. I can give this Webb story no bigger compliment than this comparison, although it is quite different in style and subject-matter (other than being about films). It is also significant, for me, that this Webb story was originally intended to be the culmination of my alphabetically-ordered double-review (an intention not to be fulfilled, as it turned out and as explained above) – significant, because it finally links the two books as strongly as they can be linked with its references to the ‘Suicide Chambers’ or, as I call them in “Nemonymous Night”, ‘Lethal Chambers’ as Chambers himself, I remember, called them, too.



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