Terror Tales of London


A real-time review by Paulo Brito.

The city of London – whose gold-paved streets are lost in choking fog and echo to the trundling of plague-carts, whose twisting back alleys ring to cries of “Murder!”, whose awful tower is stained with the blood of princes and paupers alike.
The night stalker of Hammersmith
The brutal butchery of Holborn
The depraved spirit of Sydenham
The fallen angel of Dalston
The murder den of Notting Hill
The haunted sewer of Bermondsey
The red-eyed ghoul of Highgate
And many more chilling tales from Adam Nevill, Mark Morris, Christopher Fowler, Nina Allen, Nicholas Royle, and other award-winning masters and mistresses of the macabre.
# quote from http://www.grayfriarpress.com/

Terror Tales of London edited by Paul Finch” it was published by Gray Friar Press.

This real-time review will appear, as and when I read it, in the thought stream found below or by clicking on the title of this post.

3 thoughts on “Terror Tales of London

  1. Nina Allan, as always, successfully gets my attention and once she has my attention she simply refuses to let me go – why?
    The story manages to be clever, intriguing, suspenseful and highly enjoyable.
    The Tiger brilliantly recounts paranoia, suspicion and fear. If H.P. Lovecraft called `the oldest and strongest kind of fear’: the fear of the unknown I can say for sure that Nina Allan can be visceral – do you see my point?
    How can she maintain an uneasy tension throughout the entire story? I don’t know.

    Nina Allan is a diabolical girl! Oops… lady.

  2. The Soldier by Roger Johnson is great in itself. It does have its own little world and tells a story that is good and interesting which kept me intrigued right till the very end. But, and, to be fair, I don’t like the end, because, maybe, there is no ending.

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