An ebook of a story purchased from Amazon, reviewed by Des Lewis

“Captain Nemo also has a pipe organ onboard but you don’t see it till later.”


A shuttling alternation by a boy, in cahoots with a slightly older girl, of viewfinder monsters and real life, this alternation spread over with dream as well as octopuses, dinosaurs, cactuses, uncles, aunts and stories based on Verne and a real war that Americans got involved in at the time etc. A dare you of a story. A Nemo of a story that when you reach your own Sixties, not those earlier Sixties, and when in later years you become nobody or a skeleton of nobody wrapped round with Cong.
Others may see a different story wrapped round them. That’s the beauty of bespoke fiction like this. But thankfully seeing is disbelieving. Knowing its colour, too. One man’s bad past is another man’s catharsis and so it goes on, slide by slide. Don’t turn off the lights, I like to look.
A story that others tell back at it.

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