QUIXOTIOSE: I coined this word a year or so ago to describe myself, i.e. hard-working yet idly misguided. I’m even too quixotiose to be able to define it properly…

(Other coinages of mine showing such a quixotiose spirit: HERE)

A forthcoming anthology book:
This contains one of my very rare new stories in print since 2000, one of just a handful of stories I’ve submitted anywhere during that fifteen year period…

I don’t know if it is something about which I should be congratulated!
But today I completed my collection of Ex Occidente Press books – a landmark in the history of Weird and other hyper-imaginative literature – and I show a list of them here, all seventy-four amazing book products so far since 2008! (I received two brand new 2015 ones just today – one by Harold Billings and the other by Avalon Brantley & Lockett Hollis.)
It was a shame about some of the logistical and trust problems some of you have had with this publisher in the past, but I don’t think anyone can argue with the outcome of so many such fine, meticulously designed books that have been brought into the world.

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