Thomas Ligotti

OR BOTH?image
I have been reviewing the gestalt of my own recent revisit of ‘Songs of a Dead Dreamer’ and ‘Grimscribe’ (reprinted and possibly edited for the new Ligotti Penguin Classics collection), stories that I first read just under 30 years ago.
These works, based on my findings HERE, represent an artful blend of (a) genuine, perhaps partially unintended, prophetic warnings about factors that have since emerged in our world, couched in a beautiful original Gothic-Baroque style, and (b) a ‘fabulous hoax’ that is essentially an avant garde happening.

The question remains whether Ligotti’s numerous interviews over the years and, indeed, his Conspiracy Against The Human Race are substantively part of (a) or (b)?

PS: Please see added comment attached to this post (9 Nov 15).

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