A few things…

…of which I have been proud recently:-


Two among many public comments about my specific real-time reviews:

“My own real-time read of this review has just – belatedly – come to an end. I have absolutely loved your insightful commentary of the book and value your thoughts immensely. I’ve enjoyed your sound-bites (“up devastating shit creek with a literary paddle”) but also your forensic analysis: your archaeological exploration of the different levels of the novel – you’ve gone very deep – has provided me with some new perspectives on the major themes/ characters and also the wider context. I can’t thank you enough for this. I’ve enjoyed every minute of reading your review. I know the book is at times very unsettling, so thank you for keeping pushing through.” – AJ Kirby


Offering many of my own signed books (including Nemonymous and The Last Balcony) effectively free of charge: HERE


And writing a detailed real-time review (linked from HERE) of most Thomas Ligotti fiction with my finding that it is a set of finely expressed, genuinely fulfilled prophecies as well as an avant garde hoax.


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