WEIRDTONGUE Palaver: Re-visited

D. F. Lewis has torn his narrative to shreds to the extent that all he has left to show us are the rags that remain.”

Indeed, I tore my narrative of Weirdtongue to shreds in an early form of The Dysfunction Room.

I later continued development of Dreamcatching or Gestalt Real-Time Reviewing as a slow motion device alongside the piecemeal reporting of the Weirdtongue Palaver that happened to start with a tussle on the BFS forum in January 2011.

Not cause and effect so much as preternatural synchronicity, I suggest.

I now realise in hindsight that all the palaver’s events (up to today) have been by means of unseen but real conduits of competing Fate & Chance as well as the Avant Garde, despite my still feeling mentally bruised, bruised as well as hardened. Each conduit would not have existed without the others?

Therefore, it could be argued that I have much for which to thank the palaver gatherers.

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