Mysterious disappearance of Cynothoglys from Thomas Ligotti Online, where he has deleted all his posts. He has been a significantly brilliant poster on that site, with his real-time reviews of TL fiction and acute contributions to the general debates. My theory is that he became particularly upset by the audit trail of the ‘Mark Samuels Tribute Book Thread’ on TLO (as I did, too). But it seems also relevant to mention his recently published ‘fiction’ work was entitled PURGE STATUS attached to the by-line of Shawn Mann (shorn man?). I trust he is well. All the best to him.

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When I real-time review this chapbook, my comments will be found in the thought stream below or by clicking on this post’s title above…

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2 thoughts on “PURGE STATUS – Shawn Mann

  1. The publisher of Dunhams Manor Press has just told me on Facebook –

    “The author is working on a book analyzing each story in SONGS OF A DEAD DREAMER. It will be out in hardcover later this year.”

    So that eases any worry about him. And I am glad his reviews will be coming out as planned.

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