13 thoughts on “Elusive Plato – by Rhys Hughes

  1. Just read from the beginning up to page 102 of the above Tanjen edition, Wow! This stuff is mind-boggling. I don’t think I have ever read it before. It has just been sitting on my bookshelf.

  2. A study of homo-sapiens and homo-sapphism via the lens of philosophical fiction feeding retrocausally from future Rhys Hughes’ own as-then-yet-unwritten, but now since-written, material, from proto-absurdism, from Bizarro before Bizarro was invented.
    Taking a Philbin-Chimera / James Havoc acquired ultra-bodysex madness into the realms of acceptable Joycean /John Cowper Powysian literature, literature that is arguably both madder and bodysexier than everything that went before it and since.

    Unique in itself, as hindsight now tends to show.

    • It says on Wkipedia – “Bizarro literature can trace its roots at least as far back as the foundation of Eraserhead Press in 1999,”

      The Tanjen edition of Elusive Plato was published in 1998. Not sure exactly when it was written by Rhys Hughes.

  3. A big influence on this novel were authors such as Lautreamont, Bataille and Leiris, so I don’t really think I was especially ahead of the times. I think, instead, that genre writers tend to be behind their times and that they still haven’t caught up with (for example) the three authors I have named.

    • You are quite right. John Cowper Powys, writing in the thirties, wrote some amazing stuff that nobody has yet caught up with. And Finnegans Wake remains a monumental work. It is just that Elusive Plato now seems to me to be ground-breaking within the genre wherein it was seen to be rooted. Tanjen was essentially genre orientated and of its time.

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