The Hawler in Hawling


From NEMONYMOUS NIGHT (2011 – Chômu Press) by DF Lewis:
“Mike was a hawler, although he would have spelt it differently had he known the word at all. At this stage, it was unclear what a hawler was—or what a hawler did. But Mike knew he was one and probably knew what one was and what one did, even if he didn’t know the name itself. Not a transporter of heavy goods along the roads, as that was a haulier. In the old days, a hauler (sic) was involved in moving coal from the coalface, coal that had already been worked by others: a lifetime of chip chip chip, only for the hauler to haul it off. An art in itself and one fraught with many logistical problems. Today, however, there were no coal-mines and therefore haulers had died out—or needed to diversify. Some claimed that butchering was now within a hawler’s brief, even if they only dreamed of the word hawler and later forgot it. A brief for beef, and it is true that Mike loved to consume steak—there being a saying, almost a proverb, that everyone knew but failed to understand whilst otherwise consciously understanding it to the hilt—that Mike, and others like him, “were so voracious they ate beef till it was raw”.
In many ways, when perspectives were collected at the end of the day, this did not mean anything and gave no clue as to the nature of hawling.”

From Internet:
“Hawler City (Erbil) is the oldest living city in the world, the capital of the Federal Kurdistan Region and about 350 km north of Baghdad. It lies on a rich fertile plain between two rivers, the Greater Zab and the Lesser Zab. Already in the 23rd century BC, the location was an important crossroads between East and West. Assyrians, Persians, Ottomans, and Arabs have all ruled the area at some point in time.”

Is it a coincidence? ERBIL, near Mosul, is anagram of LIBER.

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