I think Trump/ Brexit (as shorthand for what is happening in our zone of the world as a symptom of a complex world as a whole) is a catharsis that is one or more of:
(1) A dark force, an enema, a purgative, for eventual good.
(2) A force for good in itself, that we will enjoy like a sudden change in the weather toward a benign state.
(3) just one of many abruptly noticed ingredients of a relentless, immanent, increasingly imminent eschatology.
(4) Within our finite lives, a seemingly eternal attrition or entropy that will never be solved, something we endure like bad weather steadily getting worse along a jagged graph leading to (3) on a longer term basis.

If that is not already seen by others to be muddying the waters, I would also bring in Religion of various dogmas (with which I am empathic but in which I am not a believer) and Art/Literature/Philosophy (in which none of us are completist experts) into such an amorphously growing gestalt. A constructive process toward a preternaturalism that we can all enjoy/support or counteract, depending on our honest views. As I wrote (on the hoof) in my recent ‘A Pilgrim Stranger’ gestalt real-time review –
“My own purist view, outside of the context of this book, is that there are many ways to skin a cat, and good can sometimes lead to bad, and vice versa. It is only the gestalt of each human endeavour that counts eventually, leading to a final gestalt of gestalts, clinched in hindsight at the end of times, whatever one’s religion or beliefs. The probably unverifiable test for each individual is their skill at predicting and then hopefully using that end gestalt – and instinctively working with that prediction depending on a natural, unknowable spiritualism without prejudice or dogma, even if it is eventually discovered that any such predictions are intrinsically unpredictable or that logically such a gestalt can never be clinched by hindsight, as hindsight never ends?”


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