Abraxas, Abrexit

The specialist hyper-imaginative fiction books in my library up to today’s date

My copies listed in rough chronological order as received from Mount Abraxas:

All the many links below are to my specific real-time reviews of these books:

[The copies of the books below bear my pencilled marginalia. Mainly scrawls and underlinings, and a few odd words. This should be taken into account if anyone ever makes a bid for the whole collection after my death.]
The Silver Voices by John Howard
All God’s Angels, Beware! by Quentin S. Crisp
The Nightfarers by Mark Valentine
Putting the Pieces in Place by R.B. Russell
‘The Rite of Trebizond & Other Tales’ by Mark Valentine and John Howard
The Horrifying Presence by Jean Ray
The Black Cupboard by Claude Seignolle
The Man Who Collected Machen by Mark Samuels
Cinnabar’s Gnosis
The Mascarons of the Late Empire by Mark Valentine
Madder Mysteries by Reggie Oliver
The Wounds of Exile by Reggie Oliver
Bloody Baudelaire by R.B. Russell
Tenebrous Tales – by Christopher Barker
The Terrible Changes by Joel Lane
An Emporium of Automata – by D.P. Watt
Oblivion’s Poppy – by Colin Insole
The Satyr – by Stephen J. Clark
The Coanda Effect – by Rhys Hughes
Mad Matinée in Baku – by Albert Power
‘The Sons of Ishmael’ by George Berguño
The Defeat of Grief – by John Howard
The Peacock Escritoire – by Mark Valentine
Amerika – by Karim Ghahwagi
A Pallid Wave on Shores of Night – by Adam S. Cantwell
The Mauve Embellishments – by Charles Schneider
Allurements of Cabochon – by John Gale
The ‘Star’ Ushak – by Louis Marvick
Old Albert: An Epilogue – by Brian J Showers
The Bestiary of Communion – by Stephen J Clark
‘The Exorcist’s Travelogue’ – by George Berguño
The Master in Café Morphine edited by Dan T Ghetu
Alcyone – Colin Insole
TARSHISHIM – Ron Weighell
Secret Europe by John Howard and Mark Valentine
Sangria in the Sangraal by Rhys Hughes
This Hermetic Legislature (an anthology)
The Ten Dictates of Alfred Tesseller by D.P. Watt.
AT DUSK – Mark Valentine
The Aesthete Hagiographer by Derek John
Orphans on Granite Tides – Adam S. Cantwell
The Last Gold of Decayed Stars by Colin Insole
O Altítudo by Thomas STRØMSHOLT
THE NEW FATE by Jonathan Wood
The Madman of Tosterglope – Louis Marvick
Virtue in Danger by Reggie Oliver
dada gnosis by dt ghetu
The Light is Alone – Thomas Phillips
Aornos by Avalon Brantley
The Emperor’s Pavement by John Howard
Cities and Thrones and Powers by John Howard
Transactions of the Flesh edited by D.P. Watt and Peter Holman
A Dead Monument To Once Ancient Hope by DF Lewis
Letters from Oblivion by Andrew Condous
A Dead Church by Harold Billings
Descended Suns Resuscitate by Avalon Brantley
Malingerer by Thomas Phillips
The Monk’s Bible by Harold Billings
The Stream & The Torrent by Brian Howell
Dreams of Ourselves
Wraiths by Mark Valentine
A Distillate of Heresy by Damian Murphy
And I’d Be the King of China as recounted by Mark Valentine
The Lustre of Time by John Howard
Splinters of Horn and Ivory – Thomas Strømsholt
The Imperishable Sacraments by Damian Murphy
THEBOYWHOplayedWITHSHADOWS by Quentin S. Crisp
golem of bucharest by Andrew Condous
TRANSCENSIENCE by Avalon Brantley and Lockett Hollis
An Ossuary for M.P. Shiel by Harold Billings
The Hill of Cinders of Colin Insole
The Haunted Sleep of Jonathan Wood
Ruination in Bloom by Charles Schneider
The Siren of Montmartre by Leopold Nacht
The Gift of the kos’mos Cometh!
The Exaltation of the Minotaur by Damian Murphy
Conflagration: Immoral Vignettes by DP Watt
Lanterns of the Night by Alcebiades Diniz Miguel
The Daughters of Lilith and Other Tales by Harold Billings
Seduction of the Golden Pheasant by Damian Murphy
OUT THERE by Quentin S. Crisp
The Academy Outside of Ingolstadt by Damian Murphy
The Vampire of the Soul by Anne-Sylvie Salzman and William Charlton
Visit Of A Ghost by John Howard
Cloistered by Ravelled Bones and Ruined Walls by DF Lewis and Slawomir Wielhorski

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