Trio Apaches


Saint-Saëns Piano Trio No 1 in F major Op 18
Debussy arr Sally Beamish La Mer
Sally Beamish new work

Matthew Trusler violin Thomas Carroll cello Ashley Wass piano


A great concert this afternoon in Wivenhoe, Essex. Starting with Charlie Price playing a Berio clarinet piece. Charlie is a 16 year old from my old school, Colchester Royal Grammar (I was there 1959-1966). This piece – described by ‘Orlando’ of the Roman River Festival – is ‘experimental’. If this was an experiment, its perfect playing made it a classic work. It FELT just right, pre-destined.

The Trio Apaches themselves or rather itself began with the Beamish new work. The telepathic timing of the opening of cello and piano was ominously tuned for our dark times and eventually I was constructively maddened by the visionary gestalt. A spent Brexit in various movements, with honest hope of healing. I loved it.
The Debussy transcription of La Mer was spoilt by clapping after the first movement. But an intrinsic new chamber classic worthy of the status of the Ravel Piano Trio.
The Saint Saens sounded as if I should know it. And I probably do in some other life. It was deliciously Proustian, with Charlus embodied in the last movement. The puckish violinist reminded me of Vinteuil from that great Proust novel, where it is rumoured that Camille Saint Saens was also the composer involved.
Concert ended excitingly with a transcription of the Lone Ranger theme.

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