HAWLISM: the gestalt of gestalt.
(Scientology, literally the knowledge of knowledge…)

Among many many others, the gestalt or holism of Flannery O’Connor, Steve Rasnic Tem, Melanie Tem, Truman Capote, Thomas Ligotti, Malcolm Lowry, HP Lovecraft, Robert Aickman, John Cowper Powys, GK Chesterton, Paul Auster, Brian Aldiss, Silvina Ocampo, Avalon Brantley, Quentin S. Crisp, Brian Howell, Damian Murphy, Alisdair Gray, Denis Diderot, Kazuo Ishiguro, Thomas Mann, John Howard, Joel Lane, Stephen King, Rhys Hughes, Mark Valentine, Jeff VanderMeer, Leena Krohn, Elizabeth Bowen, Clarice Lispector, Virginia Woolf, the current contemporary Weird writers of USA and UK, the important press output of TTA, Ex Occidente, Sarob, Egaeus, Eibonvale, Swan River, Undertow, Zagava, Tartarus….
Just search on red banner above. Very easy.

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