A Heart’s Hawling II

7D8F28EC-67BF-4838-9BDD-C6E273DBB1D7I am leaving AHH(I) as a dead monument to what went through my mind that day. Who knows whether this one will also become such a monument, but, of course, my method of choice as to book reviewing will remain unchanged. My reviews are gestalt-tending, hopefully spoiler-free essays progressively practised since my study of Stylistics in the 1960s under Anne Cluysenaar. They are REviews of reading as I go through books; they are also literary appreciations, not PREviews for prospective readers of books, as many reviews elsewhere are.

Edit: see further comments below.

4 thoughts on “A Heart’s Hawling II

  1. Re Cluysenaar:
    On reflection, I think this is the first time I have mentioned this amazing woman, tragically murdered in recent years, as an influential instigation of my on-going thoughts leading to Gestalt Real-Time Reviewing, thoughts on the Intentional Fallacy, Russian Formalism, and other methods of flensing literature, a hindsight influence, a legacy garnered by me during her Stylistics course at Lancaster University: 1966-69, when I was a student there.
    I did mention her here briefly a few years ago, but there may be other mentions that I have made publicly over the years which now seem untraceable – https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/letters-from-oblivion-andrew-condous/#comment-2101

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