2 thoughts on “Life, Be Still! – H.A. Manhood


    “The garden had a parched, desolate air, as if it had suffered a rain of vinegar. Dead flowers trembled like sad ghosts among the living, trampled multitude.”

    I received a very strange new book today, as I just told someone in an email. The first ever collection of stories by H.A. Manhood (1904 – 1991). Just read the first story (NIGHTSEED) and it has a very florid style, with many peculiar metaphors, listed hypnotically, anthropomorphic and otherwise, but in some ways it all seems to work! To work on some unknown path of meaning! Absolutely unique,…. and rare, till now, I guess, with virtual acquaintance Mark Valentine presumably having worked on gathering these stories together for some time …(not yet read his introduction.) If you ignore the young male and female couple’s Christian names, their eventual sex and sense of God takes on a slant unthought of except by Manhood, no doubt, alongside the story’s earlier child with a china doll under the table and the old man with a flute. He previously tucked the flute away “as if afraid for its morals.” Yours, Des

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