Scriabin, Bach, Rachmaninov, Frank Bridge… with the left hand.

67B5DFA8-B09D-4D7D-8944-4E01E2784004Just attended a concert by Nicholas McCarthy at St Martin’s Church, West Stockwell Street, Colchester.
Piano music for the left hand.

Bach arr. Wittgenstein – Ave Maria
Scriabin – Prelude and Nocturne Op.9
Piece arr. from Bellini’s ‘Norma’ (Fumagalli, Adolfo)
Bach arr Brahms – Chaconne in D Minor
Frank Bridge – Three Improvisations: At Dawn, A Vigil, A Revel
Rachmaninov arr Meinders – Springwater
Rachmaninov arr. Nicholas McCarthy himself – Prelude in G Minor Op.23 No.5
‘Morgen’ arr. from song – Richard Strauss

An inspiring afternoon just experienced. The fingers flew over the keys like lightsome avians, sometimes filling me with mellow darkness, on a strange heavily rainy day that ended sunny. I was particularly taken with the narrative of his voice between pieces, generous with information on the circumstances and names of those who had historically enhanced the musical left-hand, sinister not dexter, deep, stirring and strong as well as effervescent. Rapture and rhapsody. My only complaint was that he had cut some Scriabin from the original programme. Scriabin was the composer who had attracted me to this venue today. But I was lucky to arrive early to find the pianist limbering up with some Scriabin! All very fitting with the celestial backdrop to the piano, with Scriabin famous for such mysticism.

Roman River Music Festival.

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