4 thoughts on “Ancient Cities – Jonathan Wood

  1. The section headings are wonderfully diseyeing.


    Archetypal Jonathan Wood plus injections of fuzzy wordiness into the veins like a pusher’s osmosis. A sort of cross between Ariel on Desert Storm across vulnerable culture of Far East and Caliban in today’s American city. Who knows what men of my age think? Even Trump, at the same age as me, has his Ariel side, I guess, And the black and white tree-cone and fountainhead woodcuts, with domes and semi-domes and a circle-oasis, take us back ancient-wise… Alcebia-Des with intro as organic part of whole and Spenser’s virtual Vrchins….

    I appear to have already reviewed a while ago the last part of this book, as follows:
    The Itinerant follows me
    “, I move off without offering him a light,”
    After the Mendicant I now follow the Itinerant, and the fuse is still to be lit – but a light is not offered. Just this cool monochrome of last century’s trains, or this century’s, late.
    No red-burning coal to stoke. Only choking apples to redden the cheeks.
    I will follow, indeed, this typically crafted Woodian prose into stoicism, into acceptance of encroaching horse-hearsed death … the purple car’s apples, notwithstanding. Posterity will be each horse’s plume. And Itinerants themselves will then follow – in “some different kind of Time.”


      • Thank you, Des.

        The shadow of Ginsberg’s shadow is always present and I thank him for it. Lovely City Faces arose from personal explorations, observations and cultural saturation in both the Big Apple and Lud. One day I will compose a key to this piece that somehow began life in 1997.

        Thank you, Alcebiades for publishing.

        Jonathan W

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