4 thoughts on “The Metapheromenoi – Brendan Connell

  1. fb47d379-5503-4a9d-b0d7-a4bc5b08bb26

    Is it a coincidence that this first book’s DYESROTES is an anagram of DESTROY if you remove the repeated letters ES. And give them to my name DES. MEN or (W)OMEN with metaPHEROMONES. Starting with a vengeful dentist and with a text that needs reading a million times before it can be assessed, outdoing all other experimental literature with its own pheromones of Ginsberg, Joyce, Gass, Jarry, Ghetu, Cobbing, Cage, Dada and in future this list will need to add Connell as retrocausal ignition for the existence of those on the list at all. It has mighty potential, especially if it is the last thing you ever read, because you can never deal with it otherwise. It seems to combine all the styles of Connell (from ‘Nemonymous’ onward) that I have perceived so far, now in one place. Read it in one sitting while humming Quantz.

    “The express train passed by and he saw the people in a blur – not individually, but as segments of a whole.”


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