3 thoughts on “In The Time Of The Breaking – Andrew Darlington

  1. I have now already read some of this book and decided to continue reading it outside the scope of my public real-time reviewing. It is of a genre style when in long novel form that I feel unsuitable for such an approach by me, as I am not confident I can do justice to it by this means, but I can already recommend it to those who would like to try a truly hyper-imaginative journey, one that will likely blow all the implants in your mind!
    I bought this new book, one I very much look forward to continue reading, because I love the author’s story collection that I earlier reviewed, as linked above.

  2. Just one further thought, as I proceed reading the book quietly (inner-noisily) to myself. This seems to be a landmark SF book, with definitions of words as well as slick plot about implants thinking your mind, a perfect example of what I call hyper-imaginative literature. It is just that I am more than slightly out of my genre review depth void. A cross between poetic Joyce/Sneyd and projected PKDick/Doc Smith? Potentially a reading journey of a lifetime. Traditional as well as utterly ground-breaking – paradoxically. Best to read it in due duration to your mixed yourselves, too, without any accompaniment from the likes of me and my various intrusive selves.


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