Controversies 10

Part Ten of the CONTROVERSIES thread which continues from Part One HERE and Part Two HERE and Part Three HERE and Part Four HERE and Part Five HERE and Part Six HERE and Part Seven HERE and Part Eight HERE and Part Nine HERE
Further discussion can be made in the comment stream below. Everyone is welcome to contribute on any aspect of book reviewing controversies and related matters in the hope that we may be able to cauterise them.

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35 thoughts on “Controversies 10

    • Baffling that anyone could be at all outraged by the suggestion that a book could largely owe its BFA nomination to the author being a popular fish in a small scene – same applies to loads of the nominees every year. Doesn’t look like it got anywhere near a nomination in the Hugos,

  1. From NOTES FROM THE DOG WALKERS. by Paul Tremblay

    “It occurs to me that part of the appeal of being a member of your madly merry band of enthusiasts is the noble promise of the obscure, overlooked, under-appreciated-in-her-day horror writer: your colleagues and compatriots will champion her work and they will sing her song loud enough and often enough that it will forever echo in the halls of horror.”

    A strange quote I spotted in the DOG-WALKERS novella.
    My review:

    See also my comments at that link on the BARN NOTES story.

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