Broad Moor – Alison Moore



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2 thoughts on “Broad Moor – Alison Moore

  1. FD387886-91EC-4EEF-97E1-26D312DC57FB“— helmetless, pressed close to this stranger, whose bulky cross-body bag dug uncomfortably into Drew’s leg —“

    …bag, dug, leg, this is the story of Drew a woman whose twin sister is in a coma in hospital after a difficult sapphic affair, and a mother with dementia, both who depend on her visits, and Drew is drawn off on an inferred Norfolk spa holiday with friends, but nor are one’s folk more than just inferred when out of sight if not out of mind. Out of signal, out of petroleum, lost. Another difficult sapphic engagement? Or a squashed or comatose garden bird representative of what? Lost or unfertilised eggs, cold or warm? The gulls are inferred, meanwhile. The guilts, too. Drew’s drawn out guilts. Facebook comments, notwithstanding. The whore of North Sea’s cross-body enticement. And a dyke that leads to Horsey Mere, one of the Norfolk Broads. Who knows how such intriguingly implicit stories draw us to inferences true and false alike?

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