4 thoughts on “Dreams of a Dead Country – Douglas Thompson

  1. 44E79CE5-BBEC-4B13-8C9F-F7D0591E86F4Pages 1 – 29

    “Maybe this is better than the reality, which was sordid, ultimately, on reflection. So let us not reflect, but invert, invent, interpolate, extrapolate, dream lucidly.”

    Lucidly as a word approximates Luckily? A synchronicity or serendipity, not an inevitability. The first four pages, I have to say, captivated me completely, as if this was the start of a great novel that would go down in literary history, should it be completed in the same simple vein of genius. This writer definitely has it in him to do so. And there are other passages in this text, as if in dress rehearsal, that would also fit perfectly such an envisaged novel that I have envisaged for his writing. Meanwhile, I enjoyed this dress rehearsal, as later morphed by dreams, enjoyed it enough to warrant my recommending it in its own discrete right. And if I recommend something, others may pay heed, I hope. I was swept away by the search of the narrator for their unrequited loved one through the various wild streams of lucid dreaming, from place to place, Scotland and Ireland, from were-beast to were-beast, like the fashion for rehearsing in torn trousers. I even tried its back door to make sure it was locked. Luckily it wasn’t.


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