One thought on “Ormeshadow – Priya Sharma

  1. Up to just before THE ARGUMENT

    “Yes! Dragons can use their slow-blinking eyes to look into the heart of any man.”

    Ripening with interpersonal interface, an earthy Lawrencian portraiture (without overt sex so far) of two well-characterised families belonging to two brothers, one more bookish, the other more sheepish, not sheepish as in slyly shy but in dealing with sheep and the ways of nature. The bookish one had to leave the city of Bath as there was no more bookish work, with his wife and son Gideon the boy protagonist, and this brother sort of tries to compete with his sheepish brother’s family, but retains a love or words, but I have said nothing yet of the Dragon, the Orme or Worm, the body of which is ridged symmetrical beneath the landscape of their feet and the legends told thereof. And an ancestor called Jonah (who entered the Orme as if swallowed by a Whale?) and later mapped treasure on a chairback…
    A third through it, I intend to read the rest of this novella outside the scope of my real-time reviewing. Its decided narrative promise is not suitable to my style of retelling. For fear of breaking open spoilers and other plot eggs.

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