All That Is Solid – Rosanne Rabinowitz

Anxiety, atoms, art therapy and Brexit.


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2 thoughts on “All That Is Solid – Rosanne Rabinowitz

  1. On 31 December 2017 and 1 January 2018, I reviewed this work here:, as follows —

    ALL THAT IS SOLID by Rosanne Rabinowitz

    “She ends up at the busy bus stop on Kingsway in front of a Wetherspoons. But that’s the chain with the Brexit beer mats.”

    I, too, have not been in a Wetherspoons since June 2016; one can’t say it enough. Put it in all fiction and I will quote it in all my reviews.
    This is an engaging but anxiety-ridden story about two friends, well-characterised women of relatively dissimilar ages who have made their home in Britain for some while now. We are allowed to empathise allusively with each of their points of view, as one visits the other or vice versa in South London – powerfully so, in view of the story’s eventual ending within the nature of this book’s gestalt. Two women who feel excoriated by Brexit. And by all Brexit’s barbed accoutrements. The Brexitwire borders as an art installation in a theatre of cruelties, where only the worst can happen, as a fear fulfilled. This story will stay with me for a long time. It has found its home in my brain. Perhaps only such telling fiction will remain there even when that brain becomes the otherwise unsolid space it is destined one day to become.

    “Gosia laughs. She doesn’t expect a therapist to say ‘fuck’.”


    Brexit and Government, which is the ‘picture’, which the real thing?


    All that is sold?
    By the way, I have just cross-referenced this review of the Rabinowitz here:

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