Nemonymous Night’s Core

Nemonymous Night is a guided tour through a sinister fantasia of the everyday and the extraordinary that will haunt the reader like their most tenacious dreams and lead them to the centre of their own unimaginable reality.

As well as several references to a Pandemic and other strange Covid connections in Nemonymous Night (2011) shown here:
just discovered the following…

“in the Core’s scatter-orange light…”
There is much about the CORE in Nemonymous Night, and when within the Earth it’s seen as another SUN in another sky. Cf Covid as CORona. (Also see my own Core Mythos in some of my published stories in the 1990s)

“…any mechanical aircraft whatsoever now grounded (perhaps meaninglessly grounded—and do keep listening to the news on the radio and all may be explained).”

Consider also a major recurring theme in NN of the COVERED (Cf Covid?) MARKET and its nature…
Just one example: ”The covered market was at rest, no commuters changing for even the wrong routes, let alone the right ones.”

“A cruise liner was halfway up the steep side of a cliff, dry-berthed if not literally shipwrecked. This was a concoction of several dreams, if she had but realised or known she was effectively (at some unconscious level) sharing in a vast communal vision just below the threshold of knowledge or even belief.”

“By contrast, I myself was keen on everything turning out happily, with the world having learnt the lessons that my own novel created and then, having created them, constructively destroyed for the good of all of us.”

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