Window of Opportunity

NEWS – significant window of opportunity.
You can see for yourself now! — with your ability to test pilot the novel NEMONYMOUS NIGHT (2011 Chômu Press) and the potential power of its fears and healings for the nature of our times in 2020, as itemised here:
The Kindle Version will be FREE on Amazon from Monday 18 May to Friday 22 May 2020 (inclusive):
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One thought on “Window of Opportunity

  1. In addition to the Sunnemo link above:

    Examples of ‘smell’ and ‘taste’ in ‘Nemonymous Night’….
    “… and even with her eyes closed as she concentrated on unthinking all her doubts, the smell of the smells continued to smell around her. And when the parents entered the room to find her, she had vanished!”
    “…he sensed a deeper undertaste or aftertaste even more insipid. He was savouring not so much the taste or drinkability for a deadened thirst but more the mental effects that sped to his brain in a direct socket-to-socket fashion from the tongue, or so it seemed.”

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