From the end of my review of VANTABLACK by Lee Rourke reviewed here:

AC87B6DD-3422-4361-9CB3-9AB60ABA8D66[[ Up to end

“—completely black—the cars have—all gone now—“

This section, if not the whole book, is a staggering prophecy of blackdown or lockdown and its accoutrements and causes. Covivid, covidual (not individual, as in Jungian) and lucid dreaming, too. And em dash breaths between coughs?
I see the book was first published on 17 January 2020!

“—when communication is finally switched off—“

“—‘voices shovelled away into heaps guttural—like phlegm—coughed up—spat—out’—“

Ending with some black matter called redaction.

end ]]

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