B8E9BA4B-426C-4124-8F7C-D7FC36ACCE08This book seems to be growing in significance for me.

Quoted from my no-spoiler review of ‘The Wise Friend’ by Ramsey Campbell here today:
[[ Chapters 10 – 13
“That’s the way with old things. They come back in another form.”
…people, beliefs, artefacts, and here those things old and new are also communication systems.
A consuming series of events and increased knowledge on the relationships between characters, strained or otherwise, and their eventual fates, one of which fates is of tragic significance and is imparted by scam or genuine electronic call; I’ll leave you to decide which.
Another new character from the past: a second man in Thelma’s life called Abel (my underlining). Note, he is an ‘Earth’ person, as is the young lady called Bella whom Roy calls Bell, ‘bell’ as we once called phoning someone as ‘giving them a bell.’ Not sure this was intended. But the scrying of intentions is perhaps similar to digging for the blurred or distant figure or intruder in Thelma’s portraits, and I feel this is also similar to my (often pretentiously) seeking a gestalt in works of literature. Preternatural rather than intentional, sometimes. A seeking I have called ‘hawling’, and Bell seems to call it ‘unearthing’…
“The night is waiting all the time.” ]]

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