The Apocryfan

“…the ill, the thought-to-be-ill and the thought-to-be-dead-or-dreaming.”

”Its shadow quickly spread like disease around us, but vanished just as quickly.”

— from ‘The Apocryphan’ (2012)

EDIT: More quotes from this novella in comments below…

15 thoughts on “The Apocryfan

  1. “I sometimes think I know the Prime Minister personally. Most people shout at him from the safety of their TV dinners. I speak to him for real through the ‘wireless broadband’ of my brain. An extra brain that I sometimes think thinks things I don’t. Can say things I can’t.“

  2. “Perhaps the confusions of sleep and half-forgotten dreams represent a barely comprehensible preview of having a non-human mind should one be reincarnated as an animal or insect. Frightening. The true horror story.”

  3. “… and he thought he heard her tiny screams inside the chest wallful of wheezing lungs. Dr Dumond was no mid-wife, but he hoped to induce his patient into coughing up a knot of incriminating phlegm…”

  4. “Imagination could thrive in real life, imagination could become real life, imagination could indeed enhance boring truth into a powerhouse of wild visions rather than into its more normal defaulting towards blank walls, with or without alcohol … or the disinfectant of disbelief.”

  5. “Adrian knew things were paradoxes or they could not be things at all. A truism to say that. But only a truism because it was a paradox first and foremost and not obvious at all. It all made sense.”

  6. “… and they forthwith traced Bonnyville’s skyline with careless pencils of memory. There the spinnakered ‘Augusthog’ – a new artistic challenge as if from Mr Socrates’ ancient art class in Bonnyville’s late lamented schoolhouse – became a mighty bloated blood- vessel sailing with ease across the land toward them. Frictionless as fiction. A vision of a painting. A motion-filled painting of an aviational ‘porco rosso’ turned marine with the ease if not slowness of Darwinian evolution: scaled beyond the scale of even the wildest artistic imagination. Reality made art, art made reality, in a symbiosis or synergy of both.“

  7. “He took long glance from the mysteries of reality outside and gingerly pulled open the drawer of his desk where within sat several ostensibly incomplete repairs of complex timepieces, lucky if they ticked at all. Using large tweezers, he carefully extracted a miniature apocryphan of blue ormolu from a craftily positioned refraction stand and inserted it with righteous incidence within the contents of the drawer, as if it were to be the intrinsic part of a communal movement provided for some intricately age-perfected timepiece, a timepiece made from several broken ones.

    The blue cover says ‘Apocryfan’. Surely that’s a mistake for ‘Apocryphan’.”

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