Inner Rooms and Secret Quarters – D.P. Watt

Mount Abraxas Press 2020

My previous reviews of D.P.Watt: and this publisher:

When I read this book, Covfefe permitting, my thoughts will appear in the comment stream below…

5 thoughts on “Inner Rooms and Secret Quarters – D.P. Watt

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    It is easy to become enamoured with Mount Abraxas Press books, even before starting to read them. Yet, I don’t mind saying this item is the most exquisite package imaginable. A solid nugget, an amorphous giant, interspersed with many colour pages of text amid the multitudinous white. My copy numbered 6/144.
    Already, I am totally besotted with this book as a book. With some 460 luxurious pages, a sturdy textured blue box that it fits perfectly, a dust jacket, a red ribbon and a design somehow both to die for and to live for.
    Now to read it. I sense uncertainly that I shall likely be dabbling with diableries of non-fiction as well as poring closely over its fiction, if any.
    We shall see. Bear with me. In due course.

    • A public statement a few days ago from the author: “…the bibliography that should have accompanied it is still being printed. […] it will be sent separately as soon as it is ready.”

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