ONLY IMAGINE: Fiction, Interpretation, and Imagination by Kathleen Stock

I am now reading this book about Extreme Intentionalism

EDIT: See first comment in comment stream below.

4 thoughts on “ONLY IMAGINE

  1. Much of this book is over my head, especially its algebraic formulae of literary creativity! But it seems to me instinctively that Stock’s approach of Extreme Intentionalism with common sense and my own of the art of the preternatural with connections and synchronicities are not mutually exclusive. Both approaches are valid. Mine was initially based on the inspiration given to me by Wimsatt’s Intentional Fallacy that I discovered in 1967 under the tutelage of Anne Cluysenaar, especially in as far as such literary propensities apply to *hyper-imaginative* fiction that I choose for such treatment.
    My approach has demonstrated the gestalt connections and synchronicities empirically since 2008. Can only be achieved in gradual real-time, I suggest.

  2. Especially in view of the above reference to ‘shards’, I was rather taken with this quote from Langland-Hassan in Stock’s book –

    “I imagine that I drop a glass and that, as it hits the floor, it shatters; the shards then meld together into the shape of a bird, which flies away.”

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