9 thoughts on “Bringing the Dead to Book

  1. These stories are my substantive revisions of some of the individual works in the long out-of-print 2003 Prime Books collection entitled WEIRDMONGER: THE NEMONICON: THE SYNCHRONISED SHARDS OF RANDOM TRUTH & FICTION. Once you have read these revisions and have seen my photos above of the DEAD MONUMENT book, as a physical book — ‘Bringing the Dead to Book’ being one of the titles in its contents as echoing today’s ‘statues’ syndrome — then you might like to know there are some copies of this limited edition book that I have today discovered from Jonas Ploeger to be still available (with his no longer being a member of AbeBooks) and you can contact him here: Jonas@zagava.de

    PDF link will soon be shown below!

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    • A quote from ’A Story After Its End’ in A DEAD MONUMENT TO ONCE ANCIENT HOPE:

      The so-called Fish Station turned out to be an old pub
      converted into a nondescript building. It was down a
      blind alley called Oats Farm. The pub sign still hung
      above the door, depicting some baying hounds, and Wiles
      recited, unaccountably, an old nursery rhyme he had
      never heard before:

      “Beneath the Sign of the Dogs that Whine
      Their tongues and scissors flicker;
      Within the inn there grows a skin,
      And the stew is crusting thicker.”

      In two minds, he followed Mary Tudd into the build-
      ing, while enquiring about the derivation of “Fish Station”.
      Her answer was vague: “It’s where those that can’t breathe
      in air end up for a while.”

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