A trove of balconies…

This found treasure, in my own house, of editions of ‘The Last Balcony’ (InkerMen Press 2012), a book that is otherwise unavailable or when rarely available unsigned it is usually at a high cost…so we have not reached the last Last Balcony yet!
List of contents is shown here: https://expenscusil.wordpress.com/2020/07/13/the-last-balcony-2/

Until stocks last, and Coronavirus circumstances permitting, there is a free THE LAST BALCONY offered to anyone who writes to me privately and correctly links the three photographs shown here: https://etepsed.wordpress.com/dabbling-with-diabelli/#comment-2041 with the three DABBLING WITH DIABELLI stories that each photo echoes.
(This is DFL’s own competition and has no connection with DABBLING’s publisher Eibonvale Press.)


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