From my review of this book by Robert Shearman here:

98BF0C0E-CEC4-477C-8BB8-79158B78C8C1GOOD GRIEF

“Then he asked the clincher. He asked if there’d been any itrauma in his life recently,…”

Every day, for me, is an itrauma! – especially during these days of the co-vivid träumerei to which most of us are submitted every time we attempt to sleep. The attempt, for example, of others to infiltrate dreams face to face with each other along the lines of this book’s ‘abracadabra’ bodily syndrome or mutual melding etc….This story, at one point, frighteningly described exactly a certain numbness symptom of the illness I have been suffering lately and that made me remember that for some years I have been stating publicly that this style of gestalt real-time reviewing of books needs as many readers as possible to triangulate the coordinates of each book. And then each individual triangulation universally triangulated. Even the author’s own triangulation, which is just one triangulation among many, all triangulations being equally valid. To help with each other’s heavy-lifting of the material they are reading (enjoyable though that heavy-lifting is, and, for me, if a book does not need heavy-lifting, it is not enjoyable at all.) THIS book, so far, is the optimum book in that respect. It really is. And ‘Good Grief’ is the tipping-point, a compelling work that deals with marital bereavement from the husband’s point of view, encompassing many of the potentially perceived themes of this book so far, and many of my expressed thoughts about such themes, and, here with the synchronicities involving the wife’s death, her arguably ghostly return, re-symbiosis of the marriage, the death’s head-on, face-on car crash details and the other people involved now coalescing almost as a romcom in the plot’s gestalt, absurdist, theatrical, emotionally moving and disturbing. And by the way, is the nose automatically airbrushed from the eyesight by one’s brain?

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