2 thoughts on “Costumes Of The Living – gaurav monga

  1. “Do you remember what clothes you were wearing when all this happened?”

    Whatever the case, you will never think of clothes again in the same way after reading these sixty pages of prose verses giving us oblique accounts of body-consciousness and clothes, such factors for each gender and for children, with presented clothes being culturally wide. Tearing clothes, cutting clothes, wearing clothes suited and ill-suited and the underlying motives, clothes as nudity with many things inside like earrings and wigs, like objects brought to life, clothes as words, words as clothes, grammar and fabric interchangeable, the life of oneself and others made and unmade for measure, even retrocausally… “…as if by the use of a tiny pair of scissors we were altering history.”
    More than frequently, I seem to know that I was destined to read a certain work when it turns out by miraculous happenstance to blend, in mutual synergy, with another work or works that I am reading simultaneously or almost simultaneously, and this is no exception, with the garbed body-consciousness and stapled skin and accoutrements of actorly identity and belongings as a journey of self, as a gestalt with Black Static 76 here, as read and reviewed yesterday.
    Loved the quotes from Kafka and Woolf, too.

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