Variants of Emptiness


I thought at first Tom was going to get a rope to hang himself, but it turns out to be a potentially clever pulley-system to help rescue those distressed and lost in the morphing hallway, whatever the length of the rope’s dubious capability to span such morphing or expanding — like today’s morphing and expanding Covid variants produced by Covid’s own existentialism to dupe any cleverness humanity uses to make it vanish towards an eventual nothingness, like the expanding blanks, too, here on the pages ‘written’ long before anyone had even a single co-vivid dream! An irony not lost on me in now recognising this book as a remarkable co-vivid dream in itself as retrocaused by mankind’s fell inability of emptiness to deal with a pandemic of doubt and global change and empty populism. A bookhouse that is ‘not for you’, because it is beyond you? This real-time review of it, unbeknownst to me till now, is perhaps my humble provision of another version of Tom’s rope…

from my ongoing review of

House of Leaves

by Mark Z. Danielewski


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