Beyond the Balcony

16E8EB5B-E00F-4CB2-B2C3-2CB0D309838CBalconies are usually called balconies, nothing more, nothing less. Unless you insist on verandah or loggia as types of balcony. I think a loggia, for example, is a series of connected balconies in a row, sometimes divided by partitions. However, the balconies protruding from particular buildings I had been told by a friend were called by their own Christian name of Beyonds.

Each Beyond a balcony.

Such a building I specifically knew had once been home to a group of monks in a rather obscure heretical sect that Christianised everything as variations of Heaven on Earth. They called the roof Everwhere. The windows Havens, chimneys Holy Reliquaries, doors Pearly Gates, the smallest room Paradise, bedrooms the Hands of God – and balconies Beyonds.

Except, over the years, the Beyonds had collapsed except for just one Beyond.
Beyond the only balcony.

The friend who told me of the Beyonds about which nobody else seemed to know has now vanished from my life and I have forgotten that he or she had ever been my friend. But I still visited the building we once had visited together, now a derelict house with most of its Havens shuttered, Pearly Gates boarded- up, Everwhere stove-in, and overgrown garden called Beneath and portraits of the monks that still decorated the Walls Within, just visible through the only unshuttered Haven – the Haven belonging to the only remaining Beyond up to which I climbed to see if I could see more than I could from Beneath.

Obviously I could now see the portraits by looking at Within, this being the name of this Above the Below Inside. But the reach of Beyond was more than my looking Within. I could now look Without, too. The Without of Self – now able to see Heaven, the Horizon having removed the Walls to cure Emptiness.D5F35AD6-9825-434D-8122-8BA9F3A97048

Please see #DFLewisThingie on Twitter for other old unpublished short fictions

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