Fever by Rosalie Parker


“A young boy and his mother stop in front of me. He’s given a fiver and lets it float down into the hat.”

As if a magic hat, a floating off of a tramp, as if from fiver into fever and delirium or veritable dream. A fever induced by a mucus cough or by something else, this city tramp’s eye view is wonderfully done — as he is taken off arguably by a good-doing Arthur Machen in person, taken off into realms of magic, the tramp being taken ‘beyond the hills he knows’, but only later for him to make a less-than-great Return back down to earth and to his sexual thoughts about the lady ‘do-gooder’ who sometimes helps him?
Or have I…

“Lost the plot.”

Or have I already presaged the progression in the two quotes from magic to salaciousness as preternaturally represented by this blog post HERE that I posted just an hour ago before reading this potential fantasy classic work by Rosalie Parker.

Full context of above: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2021/05/26/through-the-storm-rosalie-parker/

PS: “You can’t see far enough down, can you?” – in that blog post!

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