A Day At The Hotel Radium



I was going to go through this story in detail picking out, one by one, its constant series of high points, Zenoism now become its perfect apotheosis, but I thought I would write the bare minimum about it as a nod towards blankness and in an attempted tribute to its ‘happiness writes white.’
So, in short, as I sit writing these otherwise obtruding words, I genuinely feel this blend of The Magic Mountain and Death in Venice and much else that is no doubt Duffy, is my favourite ever story, and I am reading it at the optimum moment of my life for reading such a story… for happy reasons, but also for darker reasons. Thanks so much. It is honestly capable of being called a masterpiece of Literature with a capital L. I know that will sound crass, but I really believe it. So pleased that I managed to read it and respond to it before it was too late. Finding myself in the light.

The full context of the above: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2021/06/08/finding-yourself-in-the-dark-steve-duffy/#comment-22267


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