The New Drogulus

From one timed camera trap in the previous story to the next in the next….


TRAP by Carly Holmes

…one that perhaps captures the soul of an adolescent girl with all her tantrums and fears? Pure uncertainty at last.
Not a changeling or a full-fledged presence-as-absence but what I shall ever now call a drogling or ogulus stemming from this engaging, eventually chilling, tale of a woman’s trials and errors in bringing up two obstreperously typical daughters with smartphones in a house and barn at the end of a country lane. Living off the stolen sights of unexpected minutiae that one might never ever see …except by studied chance or accident on Instagram? Things spied in wonderful books like this one by having to look away first. Bits as invisible wholes.

The full context of my review of UNCERTAINTIES V (Swan River Press):

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