A non-Nothing


Humid, “In the black swamp beyond the house a lonesome bull alligator roared erotically.” Dry turkey dinner. Dry mouth despite the melted frozen Orange juice. Alongside D’s “so-called dry period” in art! His unique signature, a singular artwork in itself? Mosquitos galore, a drive-in cinema that also has a regular seat for driverless D, with “insane woodpecker laughter” in the earphones provided……..

I think I may have been waiting for some of these concepts all my life, ever since I started the Zeroist Group in 1966. And with Nemonymous. And much else. Yet, D has surpassed me, had I but known.
Not kNOWn till now.
The way D has surpassed me I shall leave you to read and interpret in the context of F’s surreptitious and immoral mission in D’s studio. Although F thinks it to be at best ‘amoral’, I guess.
All I can say is that I am most thankful that I have read this far into the book so far. Thankful to whatever’s or whoever’s forces suggested that I should read this book! — including the audit trail I myself have instinctively conducted heretofore, thus enabling me to be available for, and thus open to, such forces.

“Here was a qualified Nothing, a Nothing of such deep despair, I could not be absolved of my aesthetic responsibility — a nonhope Nothing, a non-Nothing —“

An extract from my review of THE BURNT ORANGE HERESY by Charles Willeford here: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2021/07/20/the-burnt-orange-heresy-charles-willeford/

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