Whose empty chairs: Witnesses or Witnessed?


From my real-time review of ‘Melmoth’ by Sarah Perry here in 2018:-

‘a vision of which witness or watcher all empty chairs contain, perhaps? “…but the feeling that to witness such degradation and humiliation was to somehow take part in it:” […]
More “witness” moments and empty shadowed chairs to remember, too. Leading later to a potential Proustian cake of liqueur and apricots…’

An extract from one of today’s review  entries upon THE EMPTY CHAIR, an endless novel by ROGER KEEN here: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2021/08/29/the-empty-chair-roger-keen/

And whether eschairtology has anything to do with ‘reporting directly to the chairman’ in a career-ladder social gathering involving Rod and, glancingly, Leslie Crowther and Henry Kelly.
‘Scaled down’ therapy group as the ultimate TONTINE (a staple concept for many of my past gestalt real-time reviews – just Google any word like this with “nullimmortalis” and you will see) – “dropping like flies” is the expression used here with regard to the group Steve regularly attends.
And Justine’s two small sons looked at Steve as if he were “a strange piece of modern art.” There is so much in this book, with an impression of it becoming out-sized and sprawling, but that is deceptive for there are some very brain-swerving and ground-breaking patterns of fiction emerging in this book with the slowth of ZENO’S PARADOX, the latter expression being another one to google alongside “nullimmortalis”.
Nasty Nick (now VERY nasty here) from a mutant version of the first Big Brother House as another In Camera /Huis Clos. The next “garden shoot”, notwithstanding.
Sorry for my personalising again, but this book seems to swaddle the readers and their individual bespoke-nesses within it. Well, certainly mine. Steve and his Catch 22 syndrome again? He seems to gain ground by proving something hopeless is indeed hopeless. Is that masochism? Me just sprawling now.

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